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      On occasion, their markings open while in the times away from significant feeling including when Kaede Azusagawa experienced her Adolescence Disorder

      I really don’t head easily only got one person. Even if the whole world hated me personally, I’m able to continue living if that individual necessary me.

      Sakuta Azusagawa (?? ??, Azusagawa Sakuta) ‘s the main men protagonist off Seishun Buta Yarou wa Rabbit Lady Senpai zero Yume wo Minai series.

      Content material

      • step one Physical appearance
      • 2 Personality
      • step 3 Records
      • cuatro Patch
      • 5 Adolescence Problem
      • six Relationship
      • six.step one Mai Sakurajima
      • 6.2 Kaede Azusagawa
      • 6.step 3 Shoko Makinohara


      Sakuta was an early guy from mediocre level having brownish tresses, brownish eyes and he keeps about three claw marks that go across their tits, being a direct result Adolescence Problem.

      His assortment of university consistent include a light top clothing, which is protected upwards by basic light-brown colored blazer; on top which he wears they unbuttoned, putting on a purple wrap and backyard brown boots in addition to blue shorts.


      Sakuta’s really iconic feature are their uniform deadpan face and you will fashion out-of message irrespective of his psychological state. He is alternatively stoic, and can will sound almost any he has got into his brain with a peaceful attitude. Sakuta was a great socially isolated and you may calm private thus off their experience having Puberty Syndrome. While he says that he’s maybe not annoyed with what people remember your, or care about trying to easily fit in and stay recognized by his friends, he do accept you to definitely gossip on him are occasionally a little mundane to learn which his indifference comes from a sense one to it is unnecessary to try and opposed to brand new “atmosphere”-the fresh personal purchase out-of college, and attempts to hide from it. Nevertheless, he says which he will not care and attention when your entire world perform dislike him, provided one individual would want your, and you may actually reluctant from the defying personal norms.

      Even with their anti-personal temperament, he is a very form people, who does show proper care and you will compassion for those he cares throughout the, especially those who are suffering out-of bullying or the Puberty Problem like his cousin and you will himself. No matter if he cannot notice if all someone else dislike him, provided the guy only has anyone into his front.

      Sakuta is also never daunted by having to let you know their significantly more playful and you may lecherous front, and can tend to build blunt and you can easy smutty remarks on ladies the guy interacts having, especially their spouse Mai and his ladies family unit members Rio and you may Tomoe. not, these types of comments are mostly humor he delivers at the other people, consequently they are never unwell-created.

      All in all, Sakuta’s character can be described to be incredibly selfless, type and you may beneficial, but also really snarky. He or she is have a tendency to blunt, sincere and you can simple which have Mai, and then he enjoys and also make lewd laughs you to definitely hop out the woman flustered. Sooner, both of them desire tease each other, and they have comparable personalities: they are both short-witted, that have a great sarcastic move, yet , very type and you can beneficial, which have an enormously good cardio, and always perform what’s correct.


      When getting out of bed you to definitely day, (just after his sis Kaede gotten spontaneous bodily wounds shortly after becoming bullied online and missing this lady thoughts) Sakuta’s bust are hemorrhaging to the level in which he’d to help you feel hospitalized. Sick of the situation, he would snuck aside and you may visited Shichirigahama Seashore, in which the guy came across and you can advised his tale so you’re able to a female titled Shoko Makinohara. Through to inquiring the lady why she made a decision to trust their tale, Shoko merely replied one to she wanted to purchase the woman lifetime are kinder than ever. Moved, Sakuta requested in the event the he may alive such she performed, hence she acknowledged. When he was launched about health, Sakuta talented Kaede a pencil and you can laptop computer, saying that they might build the girl title during the hiragana, discussing this lady because the latest Kaede.

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