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    Entre em contato conosco

    Nossa equipe de especialistas entrarão em contato com você.


      In the event the Literature’s “Challenging Guys” Was indeed For the Tinder

      from the Sarah Chevallier

      Name: Holden Caulfield Age: 19 Field: “Jobs” is actually to possess phonies which “care” on phony things like “bills” and “food” Regarding the Holden: Merely selecting informal dating, because everyone’s a phony with the exception of myself (obviously). Sidebar, I’m not entirely sure “phony” means everything i imagine it means.

      Name: Heathcliff Many years: Practically little idea. Occupation: Mergers (with my enemies’ household) and purchases (of its riches and you may glee). Regarding the Heathcliff: Invested extended fostering one to #RevengeBody and then have #RevengeWealth, but now I’m shopping for a pleasant, gullible woman to settle off with, preferably person who merely is pertaining to my personal challenger, exactly who along with merely is partnered back at my youth buddy. You are aware, to possess typical, completely not nefarious explanations.

      Name: Odysseus Decades: 38 Profession: King regarding Ithaca who is a hundred% Lacking good midlife crisis In the Odysseus: I am everything about bdsm.com that wanderlust lives: it is more about your way, not the fresh new interest, you realize? Particularly when the newest appeal is full of “responsibilities” such as for example “governance,” “parenthood,” and you will “marriage in order to a woman who is clearly smarter than me personally once the she evades being sold instance sexual chattel to own a decade if you are I doof around fucking random witches and blinding one to-eyed creatures.” Sign-up me into the journey, child.

      In the event that Literature’s “Complicated Males” Was in fact Toward Tinder

      Name: Edward Rochester Age: 43 Job: Wealthy widower. Yep, the outdated golf ball and you may chain was dead. Real dry. Maybe not already within my attic getting restrained that have a real ball and you may chain. On Edward: Selecting a more youthful woman that will mistake my personal brooding seems and you can condescending misanthropy having heartbreaking torment, and if at all possible are on the company-personnel roleplay. Extra when the she loves kids but not adequate that she is set of from the exactly how imply I am to my followed child.

      Name: Victor Frankenstein Years: 34 Industry: Doctor, scientist Throughout the Victor: Looking a partner whom offers my desire for the mysteries off lifetime but could end up being up to own a relentless look to capture and destroy my dated roommate from my personal days within the fresh new College regarding Ingolstadt. Sense of adventure is extremely important, because we get-off on the Northern Pole next week.

      Name: Jay Gatsby Many years: How old would you like me to become lol Job: Influencer, Renaissance Guy On Jay: I am weirdly exactly like your partner, however, including a wonderfully rich and mysterious type of him you to you might haven’t dumped for no GODDAMN Reason about beginning, Daisy.

      Name: Rodion Raskolnikov Decades: 21 Industry: Student, Outrageous Man which technically it might be entirely ok when the he only killed a vintage females, because the After all, he could be over the top, nevertheless see, just technically do not phone call which means that policeman which features snooping up to. From the Rodion: I’m just a much better-than-typical guy looking a close angelically a woman which have a beneficial tragic facts that will with no good reason purchase by herself in order to my redemption in fact it is extremely to the paying attention to me personally reciting my personal half-baked Opinions 101 “concepts.”

      Name: Jake Barnes Many years: 29 Industry: Expat, alcoholic From the Jake: Extremely macho. Definitely, definitely, not at all impotent. Very on the angling and obsessing across the romantic and you will intimate choice regarding a lady that is completely simply a pal (however understand, certainly not the same who may have capable of making her very own alternatives, due to that really ladybrain). Most importantly: perhaps not Jewish.

      Name: Hamlet Years: twenty six Job: Upcoming Queen from Denily are what you in my opinion. Such as, I will not rest up until I rip my family, family members, and maybe even my personal nation apart centered on a discussion We had with my father’s ghost about how exactly it’s very Disgusting you to Mother and you may Uncle C are performing it, in which he consented that it’s totally normal one to I am very fixated on my mom’s sex life. My personal last spouse was not you to definitely facts, therefore I’m seeking an individual who often support myself within hard time and won’t have a screwing cow every time I stab the girl father and verbally abuse her.

      Name: Lucifer Decades: Maybe not Appropriate Job: Ex-angel, Self-employed adversary from Goodness and his development In the Lucifer: I really formulated internet dating, therefore introducing Heck.

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